How can I use Smartthings (the new app) to play a playlist?

  • 3 October 2019
  • 1 reply

So I recently updated to the new Sonos integration, per Smartthings' recommendation in their September 17th email. That is, I changed the 'type' to "LAN Sonos Player Websocket". This, of course, broke my existing scenarios involving Sonos, such as playing a white noise playlist when I turn on the "goodnight" routine.

In trying to do something similar with the new app, I cannot find the setting to play a playlist (or any sound, for that matter) from any of my Sonos speakers. The only options available are to set the volume, or to mute/unmute.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this simple task which was quite easy before?


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1 reply

I'm in the same boat as Josh. SmartThings forced us to change the device handler for the Sonos speakers, and now I can't ask them to play an mp3 file off a CIFS share. :/

It'd be great if there was some documentation offered for this driver/handler.