Google Home and Sonos No Longer Playing Together

  • 15 January 2022
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I have had nothing but problems with using Google Home and Sonos since Google lost to Sonos in court the beginning of this year.  I can’t get my sonos speakers to properly respond to voice commands given to google home.  I can get the sonos speakers to work using the touch screen which is not very convenient.  On one of my google home max devices it will adjust the sonos tv speaker volume when I ask google to adjust the volume on the home device.  I have used them together for nearly two years and it is quite frustrating.  I have tried everything - disconnecting, resetting, uninstalling, reinstalling, swearing, praying, medication, etc and nothing works.  Anybody having luck fixing these problems.

1 reply

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I’ve not noticed any difference in behavior of GA on my Sonos devices since Google  lost it’s case. You could try to remove Sonos from GA and vice versa and then to set GA up again.