• 3 March 2017
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Great sounding product and managing your library and music is easy. Now why not make a complete interface for Crestron and other home control systems so that you can actually expand your market? The interaction between your product and Crestron is really crippled and lame. Don't be like MS and Apple and try to protect your IP by inconveniencing your customers and making them look for other choices.

7 replies

Already on it.

Sonos: The Heart of the Connected Home
Sonos also announced the company’s first-ever endorsed partner integrations with connected home leaders Crestron, Lutron, Savant, Control4, iPort and Deutsche Telekom’s QIVICON. These joint collaborations seamlessly integrate Sonos’ sound platform into the connected home, making it even easier for customers to control their music at home, whether from a touchscreen panel, a light switch or a remote control, all with the simple push of a button.

“Custom installers are at the vanguard of making the connected home a reality,” said Spence. “For years they have worked tirelessly to bring disparate technologies together, and are pushing hard to make smart homes both accessible and ubiquitous. Our work together ensures our sound platform integrates well with their systems now and in the future.”
We have a Control4 House and can not search our Music Library from our Control4 Touch Screens - Are you looking at allowing this function in the Future ?

We have 2 Subs, 5 Play3, Sound bar and 1 Connect.

If we transfer to Dennon Heos System we can do this or Use Control4 Audio Matrix

Please advise
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The new API doesn't do anything for Search or for full access to the music library. You still need to use the undocumented UPnP APIs for that.
The UPnP as stopped working - So we think Sonos will not open up search ?

If that's the case looks like ebay will be getting a few items for sale - Shame great system
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UPnP still works just fine, thanks.
My dealer can not get it to work with the Control4 Driver - So not working on mine
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Oh. I guess the Control4 guys should hire me as a consultant 🙂 The UPnP APIs haven't changed at all as far as I can tell.


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