Control 4 Elimination - Need Help Consolidating with Sonos -Multi Zones with Amps

  • 21 April 2020
  • 2 replies

I currently have a Control 4 audio Matrix and i am instead moving to smart tvs and would love to work in sonos to drive the platform instead of the tightly managed Control 4 system.


Here is what i currently have:

  • 3 total 6 zone 225w amps 
  • Total of 18 pairs of speakers (in ceiling or wall) powered by these amps

I could possibly combine some of the zones if needed and am trying to see how i can use my existing amps so not to buy antoher one. I see that the “Port” could be used, however, that seems like a VERY expensive proposition to make that work with this setup.


Any insight? Thanks in advance - Tim

2 replies

So you currently have 18 zones in total?  A pair of speakers for each zone?  If you wanted each zone to have a separate volume control, and separate source, you would need 18 Ports.  If you combine some your zones, then of course, you reduce the number of Ports you need.  

You could also replace your amps with Sonos Amps.  If you combine 2 pairs into one zone, you could do it with 9 Amps, and sell your current amp.


I’m not sure what the inclusion of smart TVs was about.  Are you stating that you want your speakers to be playing TV audio?  If so, you cannot run TV audio to the Port without a 75 ms delay.  So you would likely wire the TV directly to your amp.  The Sonos Amps however, can take HDMI-ARC or optical input for TV.  The 75 ms delay would only apply whey you are grouping the amp to play in sync with other amps.


Sorry, I know it’s not the answer you want to hear.  It’s a huge system, and there isn’t going to be a cheap way to control it all without a lot of granularity.


You can combine, just need to determine which is best for you.  I have a similar set up as you and have two scenarios.

Scenario 1 - Port (old connect right now) plugged into matrix amp supplying a single source to multiple sets of speakers.  This is technically multiple zones, but those zones are in my kitchen, family room, sunroom, and dining room.  All of which are basically open to each other, so a single source for all makes sense.

Scenario 2 - Similar set up, but using the new Sonos AMP, I have two sets of speakers connected directly to the amp covering two rooms (also open to each other).  

The basis for what you combine can be either:

A.) What rooms are open to one another and would always have the same source (where you use the matrix to control volume)


B.) Areas open to each other where you could also have the relative volume of both sets of speakers change at the same time/rate (where you could use one AMP to run multiple rooms).

Granted you must watch your speaker impedance and the load on the amp (or get creative with the wiring.

Good luck.