Beam + Harmony Hub + Alexa

I have been having some difficulty getting all of these to work together. I initially wanted to ditch the harmony hub and remote and control everything through the beam + alexa using the HDMI ARC port, but the sonos was only able to turn my tv on. Everytime I asked alexa to turn off the tv she says "ok," but nothing ever happens. Prior to setting up the beam, I had this working no problem with alexa and the harmony hub. I was able to turn the tv on and off without any issues. Now, I am completely unable to turn off the tv using alexa. I am trying to get alexa to ignore turning the tv on and off using HDMI ARC, but I cant seem to figure it out. I have an LG tv and if I turn off simplink the auido out to the beam no longer works. I might just have to reset the beam, get it to work with my echo again, and then try setting up the beam from scratch. Any suggestions?

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Hi there, zherman33. Are you still having trouble with this? With what you've already tried, it might be a good idea to give our support technicians a call as they are able to work with the Beam and your LG in real time.


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