Announcement: Update to "My Speaker" Alexa skill for Sonos

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I am pleased to announce a huge update to my Alexa skill for Sonos, "My Speaker". It allows you to do many things that the standard Sonos skill does not, such as playing your local Library, or Favorites, or Playlists, or services including Apple Music. It also allows access to normal Sonos groups (you can add and remove speakers by voice), and play things Everywhere.

it does require a companion app (now available for iOS as well as Windows), and is only compatible with US Amazon accounts (not my fault).

Setup is simple: no need to change the names of any speakers or anything, just say "Alexa, open My Speaker", login using your Sonos account, then install and run the companion app.

If you have any support questions please PM or email me, this forum is NOT the place for support questions for my skill.

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FYI I have updated this Skill to work with Amazon accounts in Canada, UK, Australia and India. This covers all the English-speaking locales that Amazon support. The non-US versions are very subtly different to the US version, but I doubt anyone can tell the difference. (Well except for the accents: it is weird to listen to Alexa speak with a British accent, even though that is how I sound to everyone else).

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