4 zone Rack Mountable Port

  • 25 November 2021
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I suspect this may have been discussed, but I will bring it up again as its something CI Dealers discuss on the regular, and a category which has been criminally neglected.

Sonos really needs a 1U height, 17” wide 4 zone port with rack ears. It can easily retail for $1800, and Installers would use them every day of the week rather than stacking Ports with multiple ethernet cables, wall warts, etc.

Stacking multiple Ports in a rack is a mess, even when you have a rack face. They look great in a Living room, or on a traditional hifi rack, but its ultimately a consumer level product, and an Installer friendly option is severely lacking.

NAD has a great one for BluOS, and it just looks like a blank rack face. Same with Heos.

Best part is, no retail cost savings are required. This would sell for $1800 all day long.

1 reply

Just a personal opinion, but I cannot see this happening. The impact on Sonos' bottom line would be miniscule, I would suggest. 

Still, I am sure the suggestion will be passed on.