TV Autoplay & Ungroup on Autoplay check boxes

  • 2 December 2017
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New to Sonos. I have a 5.1 setup for my TV and also listen to music in the "TV Room." Everythings seems to be working correctly with my Playbar, Sub and two Play:1 speakers. Just one questions I haven't found directly answered on the forum or in support:
There are two check boxes in the controller app room settings:
TV Autopay
Ungroup on Autoplay

Can someone explain in clear English what those boxes do and why I would want to check/uncheck one, the other or both?

Thank you!

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4 replies

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That’s a matter of personal preference whether you want the music to stop in other rooms when you add them.
I leave the ungroup on auto play off because I have 2 rooms grouped at all times for the tv room so I don’t want them to separate every time I turn the tv on.
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Now I understand; thank you!
To be sure I understand: If (more accurately, when) I add speakers, I should uncheck the "ungroup" box when I want to hear the TV in other rooms.
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Starting with the TV Auto play:
If you are listening to music and then you turn your TV on, the music will stop playing and the tv channel audio will start

Ungroup on on auto play:
Your current setup won’t affect you.
If you have more than one zone/room of setups and you have them all grouped while playing music and then you turn your tv on, the tv room will ungroup from the other rooms and play the tv channel audio while the other zones continue to play music.

Hope this help clarify your situation.
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"TV Autoplay" means everytime the Playbar detects the TV has been turned on it switches to TV mode (optical input), you really want to keep this on as it makes it easier to operate the TV normally without an input from the Sonos App.

"Ungroup on Autoplay" meand the Playbar will just put the TV audio through itself and the bonded Sub and Surrounds, not through the rest of the house if you have more Sonos's about.