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  • 21 November 2020
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Hi everyone! Please some help and advise.

until today I had this system: my iPad was connected  to the Apple tv that I connected both to my projector (quite old and with a lot of cables) and my Sonos bar (cable fiber between Apple TV and the Sonos bar). Today by mistake I broke the very fragile entry of the fiber in the Sonos.

  1. I have another Sonos product, do you think I could use it instead (small one)
  2. i would like to replace the entry of the fiber is it possible 
  3. I’m looking for a simpler system what could you advise please 

3 replies

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 Hi @jess1912, thank you for reaching out to the Sonos community. We appreciate you for describing the issue and for letting us know about it. Let me help you with this. You’re right that the digital optical port is highly fragile. We respect that you wanted to fix this issue on your Sonos soundbar, but it is not recommended and may cause potential danger to you. As our first priority is always the safety of our customers. I recommend reaching out to our Sonos Customer Care support team for further assistance and to check out of warranty and loyalty program options to provide the best recommendations regarding this concern. If you have any questions or run into any other issues, please do not hesitate to contact us. The Sonos community is always here to help.

dont worry I dont want and I cant fix it alone!

I cant find the exact place on the customer care to write my question, can you help me please?

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Hi @jess1912, thank you for your response. Let me help you with this. You may reach our Sonos Customer Care at 0800-0-265-565 or send us an email. When you contact us by phone, kindly select the technical department when prompted. The hours of operation are from 9 AM to 5 PM GMT, Monday through Friday. If you have any questions about this. We and the community are always here to help.