Sonos beam with tv without HDMI ARC or optical


I am interested in making sure that I can use the Sonos beam with my hdtv. My tv does not have either a HDMI ARC or optical. However, I stream my content with an AppleTV. Can I use an HDMI ARC converter to use the Sonos beam on either my hdtv or AppleTV.

If it helps, my tv serial number is 37MF231D/37 Magnavox. Phillips-Magavox calls it a legacy tv.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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That TV has a coaxial digital output. You can get a coax to optical converter for less than $20 on Amazon.
jgattie - that solution worked! thank you. How can I flag your response as a solution?
I have kind of the same question. I have a Samsung UE40d5000 and a Apple TV. Can’t figure out if, and on what way I could connect the Beam. Would love to upgrade to the beam instead of upgrade to a new tv :$.

Hope someone can tell me what my options are! Thanks!
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Tom_79 wrote:

Hope someone can tell me what my options are! Thanks!

The info I can find on that model from retailers shows that it has an optical output that you could use with the adapter that comes with Beam. I also see that it has four HDMI ports, so I'd be surprised if one of them doesn't support HDMI-ARC, but it's entirely possible. Either way, you shouldn't have a problem connecting Beam to your TV using at least the optical connection.

Have you tried selecting the Beam as speaker on the Apple TV? I got this working on my One.
Thank you so much MikeV! So glad to hear.

@danjruchards: I haven’t bought it yet. At the moment I have a theatre set up with the playbar. But since I would really like to use AirPlay, and because I like the design of the beam much more, I think I’m gonna replace my playbar. The sitting room where I’ll use it is 4x3 meters. So the playbar has always been a bit of an overkill I guess. I’ve never hated turned the volume louder then let’s say 40%.

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