Setup, Install, and Getting the most from Sonos Amp

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Is there some magical way to change the amp from front speakers to surround speakers? The app won’t let me. It tells me the amp is set up for front speakers and so I need another amp. So I tried resetting everything but it won’t let me use it as surround - only front speakers. 

You would ‘bond’ the Sonos Amp to the front Sonos sound bar, or the front Sonos Amp. That process would tell the front device to send the surround information to the device acting as a driver for your rear speakers. 

I have an Arc and Amp with two in-ceiling speakers, which device is connected to the TV eARC outlet as there is only 1 eArc on my TV?

The Arc would get the eARC connections, as the Amp would be bonded  to the Arc wirelessly.