New Home Setup - need help !

  • 16 October 2020
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Hello All, 


I have moved into my new home - Im a total newbie with this stuff - and curious on the best way to setup the home :


~4500 sqF

the house is prewired and has ceiling speakers in the following areas:


Living Room/ TV room 

outside patio 

dining room 

master bedroom 

master bath 



I have :

1 sonos Amp 

sonos soundbar ( older )  + sub ( currently in Living Room/TV room - may move to a guest room ) 

A/V closet has a speaker selector piece of hardware 





to have each room above as its own channel, and to be able to easily login to sonos app and select room and music etc :

to be able  to play apple music / music off phone etc in each desired location 

in master bedroom and living room , to be able to play TV through the speakers ( both rooms are setup as 5 speaker system with 2 rear speakers , 2 front speakers, and a center channel ) 



looking for some guidance on whee and how to begin !!

5 replies

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You’re going to need one Amp per room to have an independently controlled zone for each room. For each TV, if not using the Playbar, you’ll need a pair of Amps. One Amp drives front left/right speakers and a second drives the surround speakers. The center speakers will be unused. Instead the front speakers act as a phantom center. In my experience with two TVs this works well. You won’t need the speaker Selector with this setup, but you may be able to use it if you want to switch speakers between a smaller number of Amps. By my count of your rooms and surround systems you’ll need to purchase 8 Amps for the full setup.

Thanks Dan. Very helpful. So is this the breakdown per amp ? 

front speakers tv room 

back speakers tv room 


dining room 

outside patio 

master bedroom front 

master bedroom rear 

master bath 



( 9 zones = 9 amps - 1 already owned = 8 to purchase )?  

Also , is there a way to connect the Sonos sub in the tv room to the speakers , or does that require another amp ? 

thanks so much !! 

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Your plan for the Amps per room looks correct. I counted the Amp you own when I said you’d need to buy 8 more. The Amp can provide the signal to a 3rd party sub and can also bond with a Sonos sub, so you won’t need an additional Amp for that.

Thank you. 
so I assume the playbar , once moved to a guest room , would be basically just a “speaker” for the guest room tv and not on the Sonos app ? 

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The Playbar would be visible from the Sonos app and can play music like any other zone.