Can 2 Sonos apps connects to same SYMFONISK speaker?

  • 11 August 2022
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I setup successfully my SYMFONISK speaker using my Sonos App in my Android phone. Few days later, I use my friend’s iPhone to setup the same but with different Sonos account. she was not able to. Now my Sonos App also not able to connect to my SYMFONISK speaker.  Does anyone encountered this?


Best answer by John B 11 August 2022, 09:50

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2 replies

You’ve changed the connection between your account, which was set up originally, to her account, when you changed it to her ‘Household’. 

What you need to do is move them back to your ‘account/household’, and then she should be able to use the ‘connect to another Sonos system’, rather that setting them up again on her account. 

You only needed to set up the speaker once, on your account. For your friend to control your speaker, in your home, all that was necessary was for her to open the Sonos app on her phone and select ‘connect to existing system’.  She would have then been able to play music, but not to change settings.  Is that the scenario you were dealing with?