BT smart hub 2 connection problem

  • 20 September 2022
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I’ve just installed BT full fibre with their Smart Hub 2 router, and initially, it could not connect to my Sonos Arc. (The sonos app could not see the network). I read all the suggestions online, that all seem to date from about a year ago, and nothing worked - I unplugged the digital voice adapter for the phone, I turned off 5 ghz, but it still didn’t work.

I then switched the router to ‘mode 3’, and it connected fine, and is now working fine. Looking at BT’s advice, it seems that ‘mode 3’ means the router is working in ‘b/g and a’ mode, rather than ‘g/n and a/n/ac’, which is apparently better. I’m wondering what the differences are between these modes, and if, now that the Sonos has recognised and connected to the network, I can try switching it back to the better mode?



2 replies

If you’re going to stick with Mode 3 you might as well have not bothered with FTTP. That’s the ‘legacy’ -- very slow -- mode. 

I don’t see why Mode 1 wouldn’t work. It always has when I’ve connected Sonos to the WiFi of my Hub6 / Smart Hub 1. 


Thank you. So I set the router back to Mode 1 and the Sonos stayed connected and works fine. It seems that it was only for the first connection that it needed to be in mode 3. Hopefully rhis may help anyone else who has the same problem