why is my Sonos Roam so unreliable?

  • 17 September 2023
  • 3 replies

Here the issues from latest:

it died in me and I had to reset it to factor settings to get it to do anything but show an orange light. 

it won’t play music  if the battery runs out and even after you plug it in. 

Most of the time I get music playing and it starts flapping and feels like it doesn’t know where to use wifi or Bluetooth; have to restart the unit the app and some random stuff for 5-10 minute to get it to work.

Why do the buttons and lights suck and the lights provide no real feedback from the device in what stupid state it’s in. The whole UX is terrible on the device. 

I would never wast my time to create an account to vent but this device deserves it. 

So how has your experience bee and what did you do to fix your Sonos Roam?

  1. Gave it to someone you hate?
  2. Throw it away/recycle it?
  3. Never had any problems
  4. Your spouse rolls their eyes 👀 every time it doesn’t work
  5. Other  

3 replies


However, I don’t disagree that their are some people who need to contact Sonos Support directly to discuss it, in order to get things on the right track. 

My ROAM has been a complete disaster! I love the Sonos ecosystem and the ROAM sounds good when it works, but at this point, I have better luck with a $20 Bluetooth speaker. So pissed about this expensive paperweight. Yes, I have been on the phone with support and I did get a “special” USB charger. I get so frustrated with this thing!

It’s a C from me.