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  • 16 December 2023
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I am getting this error message…….


Wireless range extender Some Sonos products are using the WiFi from a range extender device. If you include one of these in a room group, you won't be able to play music in that group. To ensure playback in all grouped rooms, you'll need to permanently wire a Sonos product to your router.


The SONOS One’s and Roam’s I have cannot be wired.


Please help, I’m losing my patience having constant issues with a system I’ve spent over 2K on 😪


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2 replies

SONOS requires more a robust network than simple web browsing, email, or video viewing on a phone/pad/computer/TV.

If you give us model numbers for your network components, we may be able to suggest a network improvement. Overall, “range extenders” are a bad idea for modern networks. 

A quick workaround for your SONOS components is to wire a SONOS BOOST to your router. BOOST’s are available inexpensively on the used market. Don’t purchase a BRIDGE because these are much older, often nonfunctional, obsolete technology. Note that BOOST will be effective for your current units, but will not handle the newest SONOS units.

Wireless range extenders are mentioned as not being supported in the Sonos system requirements. See here:

But try this…

Set the WiFi SSID/Credentials to the same as the router and set the adapters to use the same channel and channel-width. Ideally use non-overlapping channel 1, 6 or 11 and set the 2.4Ghz band channel-width to 20Mhz only on all access points and see if that ‘may’ work for you.

(Edit: or as @buzz suggests you could try running all on SonosNet.)