Wi-Fi Set Up to Cover Back Yard (Move)

  • 27 May 2022
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I am a new Sonos owner. (Arc,Sub, Ones (2), and Move.

I am slowly learning the system and how it operates with it’s mostly Wi-Fi technology.  I have a “Netgear Nighthawk” mesh system with router and two satellites. 

The actual router is situated near the Arc.  I have a relatively small one story home, (1700 sq feet), with a decent sized back yard.  What I have learned, by trial and error is that I had to re-arrange my satellites and place one on the lanai to cover the Move which we use out in the back yard.  I have it set up temporarily, Just plugged in on a covered shelf.  I want get some inputs on how to set the satellite up more permanently.  I

am curious about how the bandwith puts out of the device, and height to place it on the lanai.  All suggestions gladly entertained.  Thank you!  

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1 reply

In my use-case, I have Plume WiFi mesh (4 Hubs, including router) and have just placed one Plume Hub (permanently) indoors, near to the (middle) rear garden area and that provides plenty of coverage for the patio/garden. The patio is nearby where the Move sits, but I can take the Move a good 30+ feet away from the building.

The Move’s WiFi adapter seems to perform really well, particularly if setup/connected to the more penetrating/far-reaching 2.4Ghz WiFi band.

I occasionally use two Moves which I ‘group’, or sometimes ‘stereo pair’ together and that sounds really good outdoors for BBQ gatherings with family/neighbours/friends.

Admittedly I do like the ‘Move’, it’s one of my favourite Sonos products and I have added a mobile WiFi (MiFi) to their setup so I can take them out and about to other locations/Homes or when travelling in the camper van, albeit two Roam’s (paired) sometimes now take precedence when we go weekend camping.