Why is access to sonos server needed to stereo pair sonos roam?

  • 27 October 2021
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While trying to stereo pair a set of roams when no internet is available the app says to check for the internet connection.  This seems really strange as it should not be needed. The local system (roam in this case) should only need the wifi signal. As long as the app is connected to the same wifi it should be able to configure the speakers for stereo operation. I should clarify that I have used the system like this for some time now. It is just not reliable, meaning that sometimes I get the message stating that this operation cannot be performed and to check the internet connection. 

It is really frustrating that a simple operation like this cannot be performed reliably. My old pair of Bose revolve can do this even in bluetooth mode: No wifi, no app or anything else needed.

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3 replies

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Two Roams can only be used as a stereo pair while they are connected to WiFi, not in Bluetooth mode. So why would you need to pair them if you don’t have an internet connection?

Thanks for the reply,

I do understand Roam’s limitation not allowing stereo pairing in bluetooth mode.

To answer your question of “Why pair them”:

It is simply to enjoy a stereo signal while enjoying a great view!!

Since there is currently no cell service in the area one is forced to either use FM radio or play music stored locally. Using a sonos connect (or even a third roam!) one can bring audio into the ecosystem and transmit it all over. 

Also, more and more I’ve seen people just dropping their ISP and use their phones or tablets with a dedicated line. So, the request it not unreasonable.

I’ve used the sonos system like this (only wifi) for some time now. It is just the requirement to connect to the sonos server for a stereo operation that puzzles me.

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Hi @yir 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

When you combine 2 speakers into a pairing, the room configuration changes and in order to function correctly with services such as voice assistants and 3rd-party music service apps, this room configuration must be adjusted on our cloud so our API (Application Programming Interface) can be interacted with properly.

I appreciate that to the average user it seems like a no-brainer that you should be able to pair speakers together without an internet connection, but us allowing it would very likely create multiple problems for literally millions of users who do use their system with an internet connection. It is a system requirement, after all.

I hope this explains it to your satisfaction.