When will Bluetooth stereo pairing and grouping updated on Roam and Move ?

  • 8 November 2021
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Dear Sonos

I am using 2 Roam in stereo pair (left & right) and 1 Move in the middle for watching movies on my MacBook Pro.

Unfortunately this setup is only available on WiFi and is having a 2sec sync delay when watching movies, streaming, Youtube, Netflix, etc.

To fix this issue I use the Bluetooth connection from mbp to Roam and the sync is always perfect.

No more sync delay!

Problem is my 2 Roam cannot stereo pair (left & right) but only group when on Bluetooth.

An update for Bluetooth pairing and grouping on Roam and Move would also be great to consider for outdoor, travel, vacation, work, etc. as they are meant to be used as well outside of a WiFi network, they Shouldn’t they Move and Roam around like they’re name suggest?

Unfortunately only 1 speaker at a time can be used on a location out of WiFi network where Bluetooth is the only option available.


The Big question a lot of Sonos fans would like to have an answer for :


Are you going to update Move and Roam to make them stereo pair and group on Bluetooth?

Have the exact same great experience Bluetooth as they do on WiFi?


I hope Sonos will give an answer to that simple question one day!

And if the answer is NO, please tell us so we can plan switching to another brand.


Thank you


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4 replies

Sonos never comments on future plans, aside from some 3rd party integration announcements.  So I'm afraid you won't get the answers you seek.

Hi all,

I’m just going to throw my 10¢ in here as well. While the S2 controller App makes it abundantly clear that stereo paring two Roam speakers is only available via Wi-Fi, the pre-purchase marketing material does not (or at least I didn’t see anything to that effect).

So I’m also asking… Sonos, is bluetooth stereo pairing something that you are going to bring to Roam? Is this a hardware limitation & hence impossible? I’m happy to wait if this is a planned feature but as using them in a stereo pair while away from home is a key reason I purchased 2 Roams instead of 1 Move, I’ll be returning them if this is not ever going to happen.

I do prefer the more expensive Sonos speakers to UE Boom, JBL and Bose, but as things stand today, they all can stereo pair via Bluetooth making them a much better ‘portable’ option than Roam.

Any input from Sonos would be greatly appreciated.

As clearly stated above, Sonos doesn’t comment on future plans.  You simply aren’t going to get an answer to your question.  

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@cdowning The FAQ on the Roam web page (at least in my native language) clearly states stereo paring is only available with wifi: https://www.sonos.com/nl-nl/shop/roam?gclid=CjwKCAiA8bqOBhANEiwA-sIlN63WVctlqNUhk0IvyDARRieT3WxNhfSpzmiGGOVlqhHSSMztGGMdLBoCRgUQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds