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Why with a web page and an app I can't delete system(s) and product(s) and start from step 1 again? For example, I have two products and when I logged in prior v80 I had to chose 1 of the 2 systems listed and couldn't delete anything so I could start over. I've worked corporate IT for over 25 years and there is nothing I have found intuitive with the software.


Anyone like to share the evident hacks here?


Well after seeing blurbs about 80.00.08 I went to install it on both the phone and tablet and after a couple of tries on the phone it's on. Tablet was a one and done. Ended up with version 80.01.07 the latest on both and both are android.

I have 2 Roams and on the tablet when logging into the app I got a choice of 2 systems to log into, interesting. Chose the first one which said speakers were offline and I couldn't do anything else. Logged out and logged into second system and was able to attach one product then turn it off log out and then back in and attach the other. However, I could not attach both products. While doing the second one I could see on the main app which was darker because it was in the background, the second would appear but it said product not registered. After several attempts I stopped.

On the phone app I couldn't get it to even do a single product.

All I got for now.

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