Very Dissapointed

I have been a huge fan of Sonos for many years but just had one is probably the worst customer service experience with any company that I can recall. 

I purchased a Sonos Roam with the idea that I could use it in a small room in the house on Wi-Fi and bring it to the office to use on Bluetooth. Unfortunately, there is a problem with the speaker where it powers off on its own randomly anywhere between 10 minutes to an hour. I reset it to factory settings, without resolution. After 90 min (mostly holding) w tech support, they could not figure it out and wanted me to video the speaker to capture the random moment it powers off. I explained that I do not have time to waste doing that (could be 45 minutes or so of recording). They then told me to call sales for an exchange.  After another 30 min w sales, I was told it would be escalated and I would get a return call.  2 days later I still did not hear back, and called again.  After another 30 minutes, I was told its 10 days past the 45 d return window so they cant now exchange or refund. 

Anyway, they have lost a loyal customer and I would advise everyone to certainly avoid the Roam. The other products are great as long as you never need customer support; personally I am done with them completely.  I predict bad things ahead for this company.

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I have had the Roam for almost two years now and have never had any issues with it.

Do you have Battery Saver enabled in the Sonos app? If you disable it, does the Roam still automatically power off?

Thanks for the reply. Yes, turned off battery saver and still happens. 


A couple of days after my post, my issue was apparently escalated and I was contacted via email by a supervisor who was very helpful and understood my frustration and lack of resolution to that point.  He arranged for an exchange for a new one which thus far is functioning without issue. I very much appreciate the follow up that I received.