Updated nice feature in the S2 App

  • 10 March 2023
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Hi All

Just wanted to post that I have found a new feature in the App which could well have been there for a while now.

I am gifting a Roam SL to my daughter in a couple of weeks time, which as on my system. I re-set it today and boxed it up ready to take to her. Of course then it showed in the App as powered off. I was then able to go into the settings for the speaker, and actually hide the device from my system in the App which is a new(ish) feature I believe. This is a nice touch as now it shows as gone from my set up.

I know this is a fairly new change as a year or so back, I had to return a Roam which had a fault and had to wait 72 hours before it would disappear from my system in the App (back then, this was normal behaviour).