Unable to Connect to Move 2

I just purchased the Move 2. Installed and works completely fine via Bluetooth but I cannot play it through the Sonos App. It always says Unable to Connect. My other devices work fine. Any real solutions out there? Thank you.

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After being on hold for 56 mins, I finally got a hold of a live agent from Sonos who had a very simple solution. Update the software to ALL of my devices. After going into settings and doing just that, the Move 2 worked seamlessly. I hope this helps the next person and saves them hours of aggravation.

I’ve updated all my devices, however the Move 2 refuses to update.. Getting a combo of Error 30, error 1000 or Error 1001. The device will not register, and or update. Sometime the update starts sometime it doesn’t. when it starts it makes it about ¼ way, before throwing the error 30. 

I’ve tried from the desktop and iOS. I have the latest iOS version, and on the desktop I reset the controller and tried, when trying from desktop I get the Error 1001. In the app if I try to “Fix” the Move 2 as listed in my system I get error 1000

It is so incredibly frustrating purchasing a premium product and having to deal with BS problems like this straight out of the box