Turntable to Port to system, Move(s) not responding?

  • 29 December 2020
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Just like the title says, diagnostic number is 113072795

just wondering if it’s bandwidth or what not. Audio delay is max on the port and I’m keeping the signal uncompressed (otherwise what’s the point of playing vinyl).

the two fives, two ones, and port are working how they should and usually the basement playbar with ikea lamps work fine. Just wondering why the moves can’t be linked to sonosnet? And maybe switch to the house network when outta range of sonosnet? Dunno the fine details about how the move functions just that these two speakers are the only real loose ends on my perfect full cabin sound (in my ears that is).


thanks all!



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3 replies

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Make sure the Move is not set to Bluetooth mode.

The Move doesn’t connect to SonosNet because it’s a portable device. The SonosNet mesh topology is computed on the basis that nodes don’t regularly move. If a node kept dancing around it could degrade mesh performance for the other nodes.

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Makes sense about the network.


And nope not on Bluetooth.  Will play for a bit then crackle silence and then play again and repeat. Thought I had the problem solved but sadly it’s still acting up. Tried to remove any 2.4ghz Interference (cordless phones and what not). 

oh btw I appreciate all the input, just a little troubleshooting, not really being able to see what’s going on on the back side of things. Just trying to prolong the fact that my airport extremes may need replacing and changing to the eero pro 6