This is getting really old with the MOVE system.

  • 23 April 2022
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I’ve had two MOVE speakers less than a week and every day I’m constantly having to either delete or restore the settings so that I can get a connection to work. I’ve done the online chat and from what questions I’m given by the robot, they would have me believe that it’s not a SONOS problem but mine. 

My speakers are less than 20 feet from a wifi router. My phone which I use with the speakers is less than 2 feet from the speakers. 

This is going on EVERY DAY that I want to use them. I mean we’re talking $800 for a system that is total crap.

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2 replies

Perhaps see the networking suggestions in this other thread (linked below), particularly in relation to the router settings mentioned in my initial post. Switching the Moves to a ‘fixed’ non-overlapping 20MHz only 2.4Ghz band that doesn’t overlap any SonosNet channel (if relevant) may resolve your matter - also just ensure the ‘Moves’ and controller devices are using the same WiFi access point, that’s if you have more than one AP. 

Also I’m not too sure what you really mean by ‘delete or restoring your device settings’, but I would respectfully suggest not factory resetting the speakers, unless perhaps advised to do so by Sonos Support Staff, as that’s just really a ‘very last resort’ option and it’s unlikely to be helpful in resolving the connectivity issue that you’re experiencing. If anything, it’s much more-likely to be an SSDP multicast discovery issue between your mobile controller device and your speakers over the local wireless network, so the issue may lie elsewhere on the LAN.

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It is highly likely that your router is the source of all of your troubles. Please, tell us what you are using as a router.