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  • 17 October 2023
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I have paired to Moves.  It sounds great and is exactly the right solution for my office.

My only issue is that I can only the touch controls on the right speaker function.  The touch controls on the left speaker don’t do anything.

I’d prefer that the touch controls worked on both Move speakers, but at a minimum, I would like switch the touch control from the right to left speaker.


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3 replies

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The touch controls should work on both speakers even if they are in a stereo pair. In the Sonos app, check to make sure the Touch Controls are not disabled on the left speaker.


Might it be a case that you have perhaps ‘grouped’ the two Moves, rather than stereo pairing them from the room settings in ‘Setting/System/Move Room Name’ in the Sonos App?

Room Grouping…

Stereo Pairing…

If you stereo pair them, as mentioned in the second link above, you should find that the button controls work for both speakers, when in range of their assigned WiFi signal.

I don’t remember grouping them, but there they were in a group.

So after ungrouping and making them a pair, the touch controls on the left speaker still didn’t work.

I did a factory reset  on the left speaker.  As part of this process, the app said that a speaker update was necessary.

Did the update, made a stereo pair.  And everything is working great.

Thanks so much for the help.

On a related note, this is the best community I have ever participated in.  I got two responses, within minutes, that were helpful.

Thanks again.