sonos roam wont turn on

  • 5 June 2021
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I have recently purchased a Sonos Roam as my first Sonos purchase, i was impressed with the quality of the sound coming out of this little guy.

However each time it runs out of battery, I have difficulties in turning it back on/waking it up even though I have put it back on charge for at least 2 hours before attempting to power it up. I have installed the latest update for the software, Had anyone experiencing the same problem?


As this is now turning into a massive disappointment for the product, what good is it to have a good sound but cannot be turned on! 



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Can you perhaps post an image of the power-output spec. shown on your charger. I suspect that maybe the cause of all your issues here (possibly🤔?).

It seems some folk are using older mobile phone chargers with a low power-output of only 5v/1A and the 5w output is much too low to charge the Roam .. the minimum recommended is 7.5w and that’s ‘just about adequate’..  I would suggest using a charger with a power-output somewhere between 5v/2A to 5v/3A (inclusive) and see if that resolves things.

I have used different adaptors including the one that charge my MacBook with the original cable that came in the box, the result was the same. 😅

Thanks for your reply though

I have two Roams here and use an independent 5v/3A charger and they each charge from a ‘flat’ battery to 100% in 2hrs 15m and play for a good 10+ hours. Left in standby, they hold a charge for a couple of days and if powered off they remain charged for ages,10+ days … I have been getting used to the button-controls and I have attempted to summarise their functions as below, which you perhaps might find useful, as some things like using ‘power off’, rather than ‘sleep mode’, can help to save on battery.

Overnight I find a Qi ‘trickle’ charger is a useful thing to sometimes use too: 

Rear Power Button

  1. Use this button to power on the device.
  2. A quick press puts device to sleep/wakes up device
  3. A longer press puts device into Bluetooth mode (it will go into BT pairing mode, if not paired), or repeat this step for pairing mode, repeat to return to WiFi (or disconnect the pairing on mobile device).
  4. A Longer 5+seconds button press when powered on will power off the Roam.

Play/Pause Button

  1. A quick press will play/pause the audio.
  2. A quick double press skips to next track (if available).
  3. A quick triple press (either restarts track or skips to previous track - depends on audio service in use.
  4. A long press (2nd bleep) will group the Roam with a playing Sonos speaker on LAN (repeat to cycle through all playing sources).
  5. A longer press (3rd bleep) with invoke Sonos SoundSwap between Roam and nearby ‘compatible’ Sonos Speaker (WiFi only).

There are other button options for device reset and diagnostics etc. but they are rarely necessary, so I haven’t included those.

Thanks again Ken, I will give it a try