Sonos Roam - won’t power on

  • 27 February 2023
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I have 2 Sonos Roam for use in both my home system and while traveling. I’m now on vacation and brought both Roam’s with me - in the home system they were working no problem. But now in my vacation location they refuse to power on. They’ve been charged overnight, during which time an orange LED appears at the base of the Roam. However that’s it. I’ve tried powering on normally, doing a hard reset etc but nothing seems to work. They’re both completely dead. The only function they seem to have is the orange LED when charging. 

Basically extremely frustrated and hoping I can find some answers here! 


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4 replies

The orange LED staying illuminated usually means they’re not charging, when they are charging the bottom front battery LED only glows orange for a few seconds and then goes out and the charging continues and can be seen in the Sonos App. So my thoughts are it’s perhaps the charger, which needs to be PD certified and I would recommend using one with a power output of 5v x 2A (10w) or you can push it up to a charger output of 5v x 3A (15w). Hope that assists. 

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Same problem, charging all day, won’t power on, tried reset…

On a 5v and nothing.  No power no orange light.  The roam has been unplugged for about 6 months and is totally dead.  

This is what Sonos will tell you about the Roam. “I'm afraid that according to the information from our system, your Sonos Roam is out of warranty since MM/DD/YYYY. For this replacement, we can offer a 30% discount on the replacement unit since it is outside the warranty period. You will need to send your unit back to us, and we'll be sending you a coupon code you can use on to get a product or set of speakers. Please, let me know if you want to proceed with this process. It will be a pleasure to help you.” So basically, it’s a product that dies with a poor quality power issue. Don’t buy the Roam. Other speakers are good, but stay away from the Roam.