Sonos Roam wake sound: Is there a wake sound? If so, how is it enabled?

  • 31 January 2024
  • 2 replies

Pressing the Power/Bluetooth button on the rear of my woke Sonos Roam will put the unit to sleep and play a quick tone.

Pressing the same button when the unit is sleeping will cause it to wake and activate the status light.

However, i do not hear a tone or other sound when the unit wakes. Can such a sound be enabled?

(The lit status light is insufficient since my Sonos is protected by a rubber armour sleeve which obscures the status light.)


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2 replies

There is a tone that can be enabled if you have a voice assistant installed on the speaker - the tone though is for use of the VA wake word, such as ‘Hey Sonos’, or ‘Alexa’ etc.

So, as an example, you could wake the speaker from sleep/or powered off state and use the VA wake word and listen for the tone. 

The Sonos Voice Assistant tone is enabled by default and cannot be switched off

The Alexa/Google Asisrant tones can be enabled/disabled in ‘Settings/Services & Voice’ in the Sonos App. 

My thoughts are you may perhaps find this will resolve the issue of knowing whether your device is awake, ready to play etc.

Thank you for your response and suggestion. However, I’m afraid I don’t allow any actively listening voice assistants on any of my devices or any in the household. I do use Siri from time-to-time, but only in the mode in which I have to explicitly activate her via a button press. (Yes, I know that if Apple were truly evil they could be listening at any time but, referencing Dante, I place Apple on one of the higher circles of hell… :) )

Thanks again!