Sonos Roam stuck on green flashing mode, now a brick

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I installed the app update a few days ago and noticed right away it was unable to connect to my roam. Every other speaker I have works fine but the roam wouldn’t connect. I figured it was just a glitch, looked for an update for the roam but none was available, so I did a factory reset. Once I did that and tried to reconnect the roam to my system it goes into green flashing mode, and the app stays on “Getting you Sonos Roam ready...” for hours. I contacted support via chat but all they did was take my info and say someone may get back to me, but don’t expect it. So now I have a pretty slick paperweight  that was working before the update, now I can’t even use it as a bluetooth speaker. 

Anyone else having this issue? Has there been any talk of this from Sonos? Is it too related or maybe a hardware issue? Very frustrating.

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Same issue…no solution yet

I had the same issue, when trying to connect to the roam it would just flash green, and when using the connect card in the app it would just do nothing (gave up after 15 minutes of waiting). Hitting any button on the roam would cause a “ding” sound to play, flashing amber for a few seconds to then have a constant amber light.


I did solve the problem, instead of using the “card/popup” in the app i went into “my system” and “Add speaker or component”, then let it search for the speaker and do the setup process that way. 


It seem like the smart way is broken and the old fashioned way works.