Sonos Roam - Stuck In Sleep Mode

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It is possible to check the Roams battery via the web interface - goto this address using a web browser and see if all looks okay:

http://[iP Address of Roam]:1400/status/batterystatus

If the Battery/LED/Sleep issue persists, then try this…

  • Whist ‘off’ it’s charger (that’s important) with the device powered ‘on’- press and hold the rear power-button. The Roam will power itself off after approx. 5-6 seconds, but do not let go the button, keep it pressed for about another 15+ seconds until you see the front top status LED (near Sonos logo) light-up and glow white and then place the Roam back on its USB-C charger (5V/2A (10W) PD power output minimum charge level) and leave it until it’s fully charged (check via the web interface) - when it’s reached 100% it should then be okay after that.🤞
  • Note you may need to repeat the above steps, if there is no sign of the device working after being put back on its charger, but wait for 30-40 minutes before taking it off the charger to try again.

Hope that assists.

This worked.  

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Alternatively the Roam may be, to all intents and purposes, dead.

I have two Roams.  In the early days I had problems with battery life.  If left off the charger (and why buy a battery speaker if you have to keep it on the charger all the time), they would run down in a matter of 3-4 days even if just on standby/sleep.  Then I think Sonos did a software update to improve sleep mode.  One Roam improved hugely.  The other didn’t. It always seemed to need a charge whenever I needed to use it.    After almost 2 years the problematic Roam exhibited the problems as described here.  The wireless charger did not seem to do anything.  I could, but not always, get the charge light to glow solid orange on a wired charger.  But solid orange is not a recognised LED state.  The charge LED is supposed to glow orange and then go out after 10 seconds.  And as soon as the charger was unplugged the light went out and it was totally unresponsive.  Nothing from the status LED.  No tones.  No response to holding the power button for any amount of time.  No difference if I left the Roam on charge for a day.  

The eventual conclusion was that the Roam was faulty. 

Best open a support case unless one of the suggested ways of coaxing it back to life works.  The support desk will suggest much the same so you need to have tried that first.  That said the suggestions also included things that were clearly not going to work  (like power the Roam off by holding the power button until you hear the tone) but I guess they have to try the simple things first.  

I am inclined to believe that there was a design flaw lurking in there somewhere which means the Roam did not cope well with its battery being completely discharged.  Or there was a problem with a batch of batteries or charging circuits or something.  Or maybe, like all rechargeable batteries, they don’t last more than a certain period.  Perhaps because the problematic Roam was always being re-charged then it ‘wore down’ the battery.  That said even charging it every 4 days for 2 years should be seen as reasonable usage.  If I actually used it for 8 hours to play music on battery power then I would be charging it up even more often.  But I am sure Sonos knows exactly. 

Mine are two years old now.  My gut instinct is that if I bought a Roam today then I would not get the same battery issues.  

Equally if you have an older Roam and you still experience problems with battery life then beware.  You may well find it does not live as long as you would expect.  

I take my Roam to the golf course and this happens to me periodically when I unplug it. Sometimes it’s fine, sometimes the flashing white light of death comes on and the speaker is unusable. I agree it’s extremely annoying and seems like a design flaw. The only way I’ve ever been able to reliably fix the issue is to “Update” my Sonos system. Even if it doesn’t need an update, just pushing the button to attempt an update fixes the issue and my Roam is back and part of my system and will finally respond. 

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So, here is the conclusion to my story.  My Roam was seen as faulty and fortunately just within warranty.  It was replaced under warranty once I had sent back the faulty product.  Annoyingly the returns process in the UK involves sending it to Poland and since UK is now out of the EU then it has to pass through customs.  My return got stuck in customs for 2 weeks and it was hugely frustrating emailed various people in the UK and Poland.  No one could tell me if there was a problem.  The returns process includes a pro-forma invoice to aid the customs process.  But as a failed product it really had minimal commercial value.  Then as if by magic the return left the customs warehouse and made its way to Sonos.  Within a day the replacement had been shipped and 2 days later I had my new Roam.  Setting it up was a breeze.  No issues with me calling it what the old one was which had of course inexplicably to the app become permanently offline.  This work has worked faultlessly.  It goes to sleep and so preserves the battery power.  That said my experience will mean I am not going to allow it to run fault and be left flat for any extended period.

My sonos roam is stuck in sleep mode, the app is alerting me to press any button - and even when I do it does not leave sleep mode.  It also will not respond to me holding the power button for 5+ seconds.

The device is stating that the battery is fully charged and the device is plugged in - however, when I unplug the Roam, I am unable to turn it on.


Is this a battery issue, or a true sleep issue?  I have owned the roam for less than a year.

I have just been on the phone to Sonos support for 45 minutes. Mine was stuck in sleep mode.



* Check the plug output is 5 volts. It states it on the underside of the plug. 

* Ensure the charger is unplugged and hold the power button for 12-15 seconds. The battery light should start to flash orange. 

* Then plug it in. Await it to boot up.
* Submit diagnostics and call them to ensure battery is fully functioning. 

They admitted they have a lot of issues with the Roam. It is hopeless. I have 11 Sonos and this has got more issues than Vogue!!

The charger being unplugged is key to this resolution! 

Good luck! 


Thanks for all the comments here. My Roam is also stuck in sleep mode. To be honest I haven’t used it much and mainly it has sat on the window sill on its magnetic charger, probably for about six months. I also have a Move that I carry around the house when I need a portable speaker so the Roam is more for when I’m travelling. Now I’m trying to get it working again and none of the solutions suggested seem to work.

  • It isn’t charging on the magnetic base
  • With a USBC cable connected the LED is permanent orange
  • Holding the power button for 15+ seconds has no effect, regardless of whether on power or not.
  • It isn’t visible on my WiFI network so I can’t check the battery status through a browser (I can see the Move)

Just about to log a support call. Wish me luck!


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@SteveGrr Sounds exactly like mine. It was declared dead 😵 

Be prepared to be told by Sonos to do things that you have done or will obviously not work (like hold the power button until you hear a tone or until the light comes on or off). 

If the product is out of warranty then I fear that you have a paperweight.

My conclusion is that I don’t leave my Roams on charge but periodically turn them on and charge them. Letting them go months with a flat battery seems problematic