Sonos Roam - Outdoor Patio - How long can it be outdoors?

  • 17 April 2023
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I recently installed a Sonos Amp along with a Roam on my new patio. So far, I am loving the audio. The Roam teamed with the Amp gives me hands-free voice control over everything I want outside. My hope was that, with the Roam, it could be left outdoors during the warmer months and only need to be brought inside in the Winter.

My Question is: What kind of temperatures should I be able to keep the Roam outside 24/7? I have a wireless charger set up and the Roam is mounted on a wall under an awning and pergola, so other than dust and wayward water spray, it should get very little direct contact with the elements. I figured that I would need to keep the Roam indoors during the Winter months but would be curious if anyone else has done something similar and what their experiences were.


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found this in another post regarding Roam battery life. Judging by this it seems safe to keep outside in the Spring/Summer in Michigan, though I would need to watch it during the summertime when it gets really hot. 


Temperature specs: 

Operating Temperature

41º to 95º F (5º to 35º C)

Storage Temperature

-4º to 145º F (-20º to 63º C)