Sonos Roam No longer recognised

  • 19 May 2024
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Recently my Sonos Roam stopped connecting to Bluetooth.  I followed the Mad Hatter (like Alice) down the hole, and had to:

  • factory reset my Sonos speaker,
  • Update the Sonos App on both my iPad, and iPhone
  • Split my WiFi network (to leave a 2.4Ghz band open), and
  • Try (dozens of times) to relink the Sonos speaker to the app (because, of course, The Sonos product will not allow Bluetooth access without being linked to Sonos App).

But Sonos App will only partially recognise the roam product, it gets this far:


Then it is not in System tab, nor is it in System tab  after turning Roam Off/On;

Now this morning, (trying again), I get this message:

Yet, following the rabbit hole further, not surprisingly, SONOS already has access!


SONOS already has access!!!!

Please help!!!

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