Sonos Roam many issues

  • 9 September 2021
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I have multiple Sonos products, from the ARC to Play 5’s, Move, One’s and recently bought the Roam along with a friend of mine.


The Roam issues:

  1. Battery seems to drain very quickly
  2. Bluetooth re-connection issues
  3. Playback issues, where it plays then just stops playing

Is there a “fix” for this or is this the standard Sonos are now being measured by?

If anyone asks me what the Roam is like and is it worth buying, I would have to say “No” based on my experience so far.  Not good Sonos



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1 reply

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  1. Agree The battery drains too quickly on Standby. unless you are keeping them on charge i suggest a 10 second press to turn it off completely.  They will last for weeks in that mode.
  1.  I don’t use in BT mode much so can’t comment.
  2. Had that until I moved them to 5ghz Wi-Fi, which was a lot more stable in the Garden.  Although the range is less evidently.  Did this after a factory reset, so it could have been that?

I like them and use them on tables in the garden at bbqs and evening dining.  They aren’t super loud though.