Sonos Roam fails to connect

  • 14 May 2024
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Got Sonos Roam brand new three days ago, was super excited to turn it on and enjoy the music. Well for the past three days i have been trying to connect it with no success. 

By now i have tried connecting it on two different wi-fi networks with two different internet providers, i used 3 iphones and 1 ipad to connect, i talked to 3 different sonos technicians( who were of no help).

Where i am today: when i go thru Add a device steps on the app i get to the point where it plays a chime sound, fails to add, plays the chime again then asks for a pin. i enter the pin and it fails to add the device. I can see that I have SonosZP connected to my Technicolor XB6 Gateway connected: 

Host Name:SonosZP

Connection:Wi-Fi 5 GHz

Configuration: DHCP
MAC Address:54:2A:1B:41:B5:46


but on the Sonos App i cant add the device. I was advised to call my internet provider to make sure they are not blocking Sonos and they assured me that they are not.  I restarted my router many times, i reset the speaker to factory settings. I am unsure if there is anything left to try and the lack of support is definitely adding to my frustration 

my network is set up as below and i have not had a single problem connecting anything else to my wifi

  2.4 GHz  

WPA2-PSK (AES)  Supported Protocols:G,N

mode: 802.11

  5 GHz  


Supported Protocols:A,N,AC

mode: 802.11




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