Sonos Roam Dies in under 3 years due to power issues

  • 22 May 2023
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Once you look around on-line and at support cases on the Sonos site, you will see that the Roam dies shortly after the warranty period. Once beyond the 12 month warranty period, Sonos says you are out of luck. It is an expensive paper weight. Don’t bother with support if you bought more than 12 months ago: This is what Sonos will tell you about the Roam. “I'm afraid that according to the information from our system, your Sonos Roam is out of warranty since MM/DD/YYYY. For this replacement, we can offer a 30% discount on the replacement unit since it is outside the warranty period. You will need to send your unit back to us, and we'll be sending you a coupon code you can use on to get a product or set of speakers. Please, let me know if you want to proceed with this process. It will be a pleasure to help you.” So basically, it’s a product that dies with a poor quality power issue. Don’t buy the Roam. Other speakers are good, but stay away from the Roam

1 reply

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Sorry your Roam didn’t last. I can understand your frustration. But your situation is probably the exception, not the rule. Most Roam users, including myself, are pretty satisfied with the speaker. I’ve used the Roam for almost two years without any issues. And 30% off is a reasonable offer for a speaker that is outside of warranty.