Sonos Roam cutting out songs every second using Spotify or Bluetooth

  • 30 January 2022
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I’ve just bought a Sonos Roam for my trip to South America hoping to get a good experience “roaming” around with this device. Unfortunately this device seems to be broken, and the experience hasn’t been great.

The main indicator is that the top status light keeps changing from white to ~orange/yellow. When I try to play a song the volume keeps resetting to ¼ of the volume, and every time this happens the songs gets played for half a second (or less) and then it’s dead silence for a second.


I’ve been able to have it play music after combining some clicks between the play and mic buttons and suddenly and randomly it just works for a while until you change the songs or album.


I’ve tried to factory reset it, create a new Sonos system, update the firmware using the Android app, the MacOS app, and nothing. It just doesn’t work. This is very annoying as I am far from home and cannot go back to the store and return it.


Any help is appreciated.

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