sonos Roam audio drop out

  • 13 May 2021
  • 3 replies

Hi, I have recently purchased a Sonos Roam primarily to use while in the garden. I have set the Roam  up in the kitchen (WiFi) and it is connected to a Sonos One (WiFi in the living room) ) a Sonos SL (Ethernet in the TV Room). Generally when playing in these locations the performance is fine, occasional buffering🥴. My problem starts when I attempt to move the roam into the garden, expecting it to pick up the Belkin  WiFi extender. Initially it works ( it is within WiFi range (confirmed through WiFi checked on iPhone) however it then stops. I have read on various forums that this is now a common problem. What is being done to correct this “NOT SO ROAM…..ABLE DEVICE.”

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3 replies

Perhaps check and see if your Belkin Extender is using the same SSID/Password/WiFi Channel(s) and ‘channel-width’ as your main router. In fact set both the the router and the extender to use either a fixed non-overlapping WiFi channel of 1, 6 or 11 and a ‘channel-width’ of 20MHz only and see if that fixes the issue for you.

If you do have any other Sonos products wired to the LAN, then ensure you keep the SonosNet channel in use well out of the way of your router/extenders WiFi signal - I suggest you set its channel to at least 5+ channels away from your chosen routers 2.4Ghz channel.

Yeah same problem. I can stream from my phone but not from my system. 

Yeah same problem. I can stream from my phone but not from my system. 

See my reply to your post in this thread…