sonos roam

  • 27 January 2024
  • 3 replies

Roam will not reconnect to Sonos app or to Bluetooth after being shut down for travel. After being plugged in overnight, only the orange light comes on - some times it blinks and sometimes it is solid. I tried the reboot procedure but nothing happened. Is it dead or can I try something else?

3 replies

Check the device that you’re using to charge the Roam, it sounds like it may not be sending the full voltage/amperage to the Roam. I’d not use a qi charger either, but connect directly to the USB-C port on the Roam. 

The Roam needs at least  10W (5V/2.1A). 

Some phone chargers don’t put out enough energy to charge the battery on the Roam. 

OK - I have just now plugged into the USB-C port on the Roam and USB wall outlet.  I will see if that helps.

Thank you

Heh, while you’re most welcome, hold your thanks until you’re able to use it. If you search these forums, there’s a reset process available, too. I’ve never needed to use it with mine, so while I know some people have used it, I have not. 

All that said, a ‘wrong voltage/amperage’ charging device seems to be a common issue. Many folks assume if it is USB, it always has enough power. Unfortunately, that isn’t true. Not using the qi charger may help, there is a certain amount of ‘loss’ there, which doesn’t occur when the Roam is directly plugged in.