Sonos One and Roam 2

  • 28 February 2024
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I am looking at purchasing the new Roam 2.  Can I pair my Older Sonos 1 with the new Roam 2?


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7 replies

You can group a One with a Roam 2.

Thank You JGatie!

You can not, however, stereo pair them. @jgatie was very deliberate in his choice of words. 

Apologies, what does Group vs Pairing mean in the language of Sonos?  I assume they will act as 2 independent speakers when they are grouped together?

No worries, great question. Pairing means the two speakers will act as a stereo pair, one playing the right channel, the other the left channel.

Grouping, on the other hand, means that both are playing the same thing, i.e. a mono signal (mixed left and right) at the same time. 

There are corner cases to this, too. There are some Sonos devices that have stereo speakers inside a case, in which case they would split the stereo signal properly, but you would still be getting the exact same thing from both speakers cases. 

To add to this, groups are temporary, and can be quickly created and undone. You can also control the volume for members of a group separately.  Pairs, or bonded, is really a setup.  Two speakers set up as a pair will always play the same source at the same volume.


So If I  understand this Sonos releases a new version of it Roam speaker that is incompatible with the old version. I currently have a single Roam 1 which I love use it as my alarm clark , and transportable music . I was considering buying a 2nd to allow stereo sound. I can’t do that unless I can find the old Roam 1 ( which I see they still list at the same price of the new Roam 2) correct?