Sonos Move won’t setup and support is terrible.

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This is long, but i think it’s emblematic of what is going on with the company as a whole these days. TLDR at bottom


I picked up a brand new Sonos Move (Gen 1) yesterday from the source. Yeah it’s not the shiny new one, but it was a good price and is fine for the back deck and occasional beach days. 


This thing would not setup. iPhone, iPad, main network, guest network, nothing. Spent hours looking through trouble shooting docs and trying everything I’ve seen online. At one point i even spun up an SSID *without* security, NADA. 


So i decided to give Sonos support a call, strongly suspecting I had a lemon. Despite telling the support agent what i had already done to trouble shoot this device she made me do it all again. Fine, nbd, i expected it. Then she started making me do some truly random and nonsensical things. She said having a guest network was an unsupported configuration, and to turn it off- didn’t help. Then she said to split my 2.4 and 5 ghz networks, despite the move having 5ghz abilities- again nothing. Lastly she said go to my main router and try setup again. I tried to explain that my router does not have wifi, and I have am currently infront of one of my hardwired access points doing this trouble shooting… and she didn’t believe me. She actually kept asking me to go to my basement and try setup there. At one point she actually told me that she knows for a fact that my router does have wifi… the one that i purchased and installed and maintain? 


At this point I’m 4 hours deep into this, and can’t take it anymore. It’s obvious the support staff is just reading a script and isn’t capable of actually doing any real trouble shooting. So i ask to be escalated. She says they are closed, but she will escalate the issue and send me an email with a case number so i can set a time to speak with L2 support… and then nothing. No email, nothing. I call back in this morning, and speak to another support agent, who is equally unhelpful, but is finally able to locate my call from yesterday and claims the case is about “a speaker missing from my system”… which is not even remotely true. The move wont even complete its initial setup, let alone get into the system. 


At this point, I ask to be elevated directly to L2, because I’m not confident i will be called back at all, and apparently, at 10am in the morning, L2 support is closed…. At least she gave me a case number this time. I don’t even know if I’ll ever hear back from them. 


Seperately from the calls, i also did further trouble shooting of my own, and tested setup on 2 more routers- a Linksys velop and a Glinet opal, both of which i have confirmed work with Sonos in the past as my other speakers all work fine with both of them. But again, same issue. Can’t complete setup. 


Seriously thinking of pausing my plans to upgrade their home theatre offerings this summer, if this is the kind of system they are putting out there. Occasional bugs and hiccups are fine for music speakers, but the tvs just have to work, always, otherwise my family will mutiny. Maybe it’s best to just stick with an analogue hardwired system and upgrade the components


TLDR: probably got a lemon, Sonos support seems keen on slow rolling me and frustrating me until my return period has expired.


Edit: Updated to the new app, thinking it may fix the issue and help me complete setup and wow… this thing is uh, not good.

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