Sonos Move takes up to 45 seconds to start playing

  • 17 February 2023
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I have a small house (840 square feet/78 square meters) with a Sonos One and a Sonos Move, both connected through Amazon Echo (Alexa). When I play music (grouped or ungrouped, using Alexa or using the App, using Amazon Music, Spotify, or Sirius XM as source), the One begins playing immediately, but the Move will take up to 45 seconds before any sound happens. I can be standing right next to the Move, say “Alexa, play <song title>,” and it will respond from that speaker - “Playing <song title> by <artist> from Amazon Music,” and it will take 30-45 seconds for any sound to come out, and it will be 30-45 seconds into the song. If the two speakers are grouped, I’ll hear the first part of the song playing on the Sonos One, and the Move will eventually join the song already in progress.

This also happens if I switch music - Don’t like the vibe, so I change stations or playlists. The One picks up right away but the Move takes a while. Once it’s playing there are zero issues - no drops, no skips, everything sounds great. I have tried it in the same room as my router. I have rebooted the router. I have set it on the same small end table as the One. No difference.

I got both for Christmas and set them up in mid-January, and the problem has been happening since day one.


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1 reply

Sounds like a network issue - if the Move is attached to the 5Ghz band of your router then try switching it to the 2.4Ghz band (or vice versa) and see if that resolves the issue. It’s also useful to set the routers 2.4Ghz band to channel width of 20Mhz only (if your router allows) but more importantly set it to use a non-overlapping WiFi channel. Try channel 1, 6 or 11 and keep the Move at least one metre away from other wireless devices, particularly any WiFi access point or the router itself. 

See if those things perhaps resolve your issue.