Sonos Move Stereo Pair broken after using one in bluetooth mode

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I’ve had my pair of Sonos Moves for a couple of years and have always had them configured as a stereo pair.  It used to be that I could take one away and use it in Bluetooth mode, bring it back home, put it back in WiFi mode and the stereo pair would automatically come back.

Recently, like in the last 3-6 months, have noticed that I almost always have to manually re-establish the stereo pair.  It only takes a minute, but is annoying. Is anyone else having this same issue?


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Hi, I thought it was always the case, that after using a portable speaker in Bluetooth mode, you would have to put them back into a stereo pair. At least I’m sure my Roams are like this.

I do have a Move, but only one so cannot speak about that, but the Roams seem to always need to be re-paired if one is used in BT mode :) 

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Yes this a “Feature” of the Moves, in the same way as it is for the Roams.  


It would also be a great enhancement if these speakers could be set as Stereo pairs when in BT mode.

This is what I was looking into as well.  It seems you answered.

I have a Move for music in my workshop and yard - but also take it on the go.  Considering a second Move for stereo in the workshop and yard, but would still want to take only one of them on the go.  If it could detach from the stereo pair when removed from wifi and put on bluetooth - then re-join the stereo pair automatically when rejoined to wifi I would get a second in a heartbeat.  But if I have to re-pair it every time… that makes it more of a decision.


Can others confirm you have to manually re-pair stereo every time when one is removed?  If so I will probably stick to the one Move.  


And if you are listening Sonos - we can’t be the only ones ;)


Thanks all