Sonos Move starts Spotify in the middle of the song

  • 26 November 2021
  • 34 replies

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34 replies

Nope… Nor I unplugged all the speakers as well as uninstalled the Amps, change the wires, cut the electricity for a week and burnt incense…

Many thanks but I just expect it to work as a pricey system without hassle like that every now and then.

A precision: appart from Move, everything is wired (RJ45 cat. 6), MacBook Pro included.

Ah well never mind then, only doing those steps, did work for my daughter-in-law who uses Spotify and had a similar issue a year or so ago, (mainly missing a few seconds from the start of the track) so I thought it was worth mentioning.

I’ve been experiencing this issue at least for 2 years now, and I’ve always thought it was something wrong with my setup. Same problem: Spotify, two Ikea/Sonos speakers, and songs that start playing not at the beginning.

It’s annoying it didn’t get fixed after all this time…

I thought it was just me! This is happening to me still when I initiate anything that is playing through Spotify on my Sonos with Alexa. It’s infuriating.

This happens all the time for me, different networks (both home and at work), different sonoses etc..

The way to reproduce it quickly is to play music to it for a bit stop it halfway through a song, you can then leave it for hours or days, doesn’t matter, but the next time you connect to it and try to play a completely different song it’ll start halfway into it. Happens 100% every time.

This does not happen with Apple Music over Airplay. I’ve had this issue for at least six months and there never seems to be a fix for it, so might leap over to Apple Music completely now. It’s funny how Spotify complains at Apple building their service into their eco system only to offer an inferior product. 🤷🏻

Same here. Has anyone contacted Sonos or Spotify support? Maybe we should all group into one request, I think this bug is very extended, but people don't ask for help because it's easy to ignore... I didn't until now, and I've been having it for a long time


Just came here from Google.. having same issue. Playing via spotify app and connecting to move, plays in middle of song showing progress bar a few seconds in. Using Android. Move is fully updated. Seems to have only recently started for me. 

Sure sounds like wifi interference. Have you submitted a diagnostic and called Sonos? That technical support team mentioned in the post before yours would likely be able to help. 

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My Move and Spotify (via Connect or Sonos App) work perfectly on S1.

I believe some people have had problems with the Move on S2?.

Also happening here, either with Roam or Sonos One (on independent and new systems).

Happens 100% of the times!

Using spotify connect.