Sonos Move Offline and Won’t Reset

  • 6 October 2019
  • 35 replies

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35 replies

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This worked. Hopefully it’s not a regular activity. Should be able to rejoin the environment when it’s requested through the app or at worse by pressing a button. 

Same issue here. This is dumb though. 2nd time it’s happened. Might need a software update, Sonos. These are too expensive to not work correctly. This is my 5th speaker.

In my case, it is not a reset. When I hold the power for 60 sec; the speaker connect normally to the wifi. It fixed it. Thanks

Thanks for trying to reset it @TuanTTran. I am going send you a private message so we can gather a bit more information from you. @Chris, thanks again for helping out. 

So after getting my replacement unit from Sonos 5 months ago.  I did the same thing as I previously stated 5 months ago. Now my replacement Sonos is bricked.  Very frustrating...I do not want to keep replacing a unit that is meant to be a wireless speaker.  Any help would be appreciated.


i was all ready to send back to retailer before finding answer to problem on here, (holddown power button)

Thank you all!!

Thanks for sharing this solution.  I had thought I’d turned it off, in attempting to fix this, many times.  But i guess it’s not the same as holding down the button for a long time, somehow.  What a relief to see it come back to life after a long and seemingly futile struggle.

Just had the same issue happen 4 times in the space of a week since taking delivery. I feel this isn't the way it should be working. A soft restart every time it goes in offline mode? Even switching to Bluetooth mode, my phones can't find the Move. This needs a deeper look or I have a detective unit?

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Is it your only sonos device?   If you have other sonos units in house I can recommend a factory reset.  But if its your only sonos device it means it will wipe it clean and you will have to reset all your sources etc.

My Move has been difficult to get working but finally got it going with help from Sonos support. Now, a few days later, it is “frozen/bricked”. The power light is flashing orange, all top light s are off, and it wall not respond to any buttons to turn off, reset or factory reset. I have tried power and join buttons for over 60 seconds separately and in combination as well as the reset sequence. Both on and off the charging base. Absolutely no response or indication that it is alive, but the orange light keeps flashing. I have it off the charger to see if I can run the battery down and start over but that takes a long time. No Sonos telephone or chat support on weekends, apparently. Help.