Sonos Move not showing up in app

  • 24 January 2022
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My Move stopped showing up in the app when I replaced my cable modem/router. Once I figured out that I needed to connect to the new home network I was able to go on to the next steps on my iphone. It told me to connect to the Sonos wifi instead of my home network which I did. I then added the Move on the Sonos wifi network and reconnected to  my home wifi.

Now it shows up as Portable on my iphone but it can’t access my music library (says it can’t connect to my network drive) It does work for spotify.

Not only that but Portable is now the only speaker that shows up on my iphone sonos app. On my computer app the Portable doesn’t show up but all the other speakers work fine and can access my network drive.

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3 replies

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Are there any range extenders/access points in your new network? Is it a Mesh network with a Main router and 1 or two nodes?


I have 2 Boosts, one hardwired into a switch that is connected directly to the router. I have paired Sonos 1’s, 2 old Sonos 5s, 1 new Sonos 5, 2 Sonos 3s, an Amp and a Beam.


I tried unplugging all Sonos equipment, rebooting the cable modem, plugging in the ethernet connected Boost followed by all the rest of the components.

My Sonos controller on my windows PC saw 3 zones (out of 😎 and my iphone couldn’t connect at all.

I tried disconnecting again and then starting with the connected Boost. Now neither the iphone app nor the computer app can see anything. I tried creating a new Sonos network and it can’t see the Boost at all.


At this point I have no Sonos system at all.


Well after about a dozen attempts both the iphone and computer apps suddenly decided that I do in fact have a Sonos system and I now have all zones working.