Sonos Move LH Channel Sound Loss after wake. on S2 14.10

  • 27 June 2022
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There is still an issue with Move Stereo Pairs

Speakers paired and Battery Saver is OFF.

1st Issue

Speakers left idle for a few hours off their charging base will shut down as if battery saver mode is on.  They require a power button press to be active again.

2nd Issue

Once the speakers start up there is no sound from the left hand channel.  It shows as working in the app but sliding the balance has no effect and it is silent.  No amount of powering on and off will help.

Work around temp fix

Unpair and repair the speakers resumes normal functioning.


The Moves should NOT power down if the Battery Saver mode is off surely?


I was busy getting sound back and forgot to do a diagnostic but will do one later if the problem appears again, which it may.

In the meantime I will do a hard reset and re-add and pair to my system.


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3 replies

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I can’t confirm the 1st issue, at least not to 100%. My Moves usually wake up if I open the app, even after hours of not using them. Sometimes I have to push the power button but I think that’s more a network issue than a sleep mode issue. I don’t have a Move stereo pair at the moment though, I use two stand alone Moves.

I’m happy to test the 2nd issue and pair my two Moves. Just wondering if it happens every time for you? Do I just have to wait until the Moves are in standby and then start playback?

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Thanks. For the 1st Issue  I’ve not had a chance to hard re-set and test.


The second issue has happened all the time before the 14.10 update.  It has only happened once since, but then I haven’t left them long enough on standby for them to go into a state that requires a physical button press to wake them (Which should not happen as Battery Saver is Off on both devices).

Will update soon



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I did a hard reset on both Moves.  I then Turned Battery Saver on and Off.  Finally I then paired them a Stereo.

Now after they go to sleep they wake when the App is started.

Previously it required a button press om each device.

Hope this helps if someone has the same issues.