Sonos move: dead?

  • 2 March 2024
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My Sonos move was purchased new in the Summer of 2022.  It has worked until about 2 weeks ago when the battery light (lower light behind the grill of the speaker) starting flashing orange.  The Move is 99% docked on the charging station, so I thought the power may have been an issue.  I tried a different outlet, but no change.  I tried a direct line C cable, but no change. I read information that perhaps the battery may be dying (or dead) so I ordered a new one from Sonos.  I installed the new battery (good documentation on the packaging, by the way.  Simple install) but no change. I’ve tried the “hold power button down for 30 seconds while off the dock”, “hold the (infinity symbol) button down while the Move is off the charger then while holding it down install on charger” to “reboot”, but no luck.  Whether I’m using the new battery or old battery, the Move is dead.  I’m not getting any response no matter what buttons I push or for short or long periods of pressing.  At this point, I believe the unit to be defective and dead.  Any ideas on what else I should try or is this likely a dead unit?


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Please contact Sonos support team via phone. I‘m sure they will find a solution for you.