Sonos Move connected over Bluetooth but no sound (PC/Win11)

Hi All,

I’ve been trying to connect my Sonos Move to my PC (Windows 11) over Bluetooth and nothing seems to get it to work. I’ve disconnected, connected, removed the device, turned off Sonos Move, restarted the computer, DisableAbsoluteVolume, Windows Troubleshoot, etc. My Sonos Move works with my Cellphone, TV, Sonos App (using Spotify for example) and other devices.


I ran out of options since I could not find anything else over Google or Sonos Forum (and other forums, e.g. Reddit). Some of the questions actually is from years ago and seems to no have a solution, so I’m starting to think this is an issue with PC/Windows.

I tested my PC with other 2 Bluetooth devices and it works, so is not my PC.

Strange thing is that when I go to (over Windows) System > Sound > Properties (Sonos Move), I can see the sound bar “playing sound”, but no sound in the speaker.

To add more things that I tried: Audio Enhancements Off, Spatial Sound Off, Set as Default, Restart Bluetooth Services, Bluetooth Audio Services, and the list goes on…


Anyone have ever experienced no sound while connection a laptop/PC with Windows (11 in my case) and was able to fix?


Appreciate the help.


Thank you,

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I have been having the very same issue.  The Move worked great for all of 6 months, no whenever I connect to a device over bluetooth, I have the issue you’re describing. I can also see the volume bars moving, showing there is device output, but the speaker isn’t relaying it.

I have to forget the device entirely, re pair, and reconnect. Sometimes that doesn’t work and I have to factory reset the speaker too. Now sometimes that doesn’t even work, and I still end up with that audio level bar signaling my busted Move. Absolute trash for the price. I have a $400 paperweight and Sonos doesn’t have a clue how to fix it. I suggest seeking a refund.

Ugh, I think I might return then… In my case I forgot the device, re pair and reconnect multiple times and it didn’t work once!!! (Windows 11...).


I tested with my MacBook and it works… Not sure if it’s a Windows 11 problem or the Bluetooth version that comes with my computer motherboard.


Most interesting thing is that when I click pause/play on the Sonos Move, it pauses and plays the YouTube Video (that is playing in Chrome). LOL

I wonder if there is a Volume control interaction between your Windows App and the BT transmitter. Check your Sound Settings.

Nothing in the sounds settings that looks to be the problem.

As a note: all my other Bluetooth devices work (Samsung Soundbar for example).

Sonos also works with TV and MacOS over Bluetooth.

Since I did not mention yet: also updated Windows, Drivers, Deleted, Installed again, Auto Start Bluetooth Services, this and that… nothing seems to solve the issue.

Well, after reading I don’t know how many websites, I think I finally found a good answer…

[Microsoft/Windows Bug] - Windows 11 Bluetooth no sound/microphone and crashing


Funny fact: this mention hands-free mode… Sono settings over windows does not have hands-free option to disable. :(

Hi, i have the same problem using my phone (Samsung s21). Bt connection is fine, i can stop and start songs and update volume, but no sound at all for the first 10 minutes. Weird.. I may no more recommend the Move. Hope they fix that... 

The same issue is happening to me this morning.  Anyone have a solution?  It has rendered my device unusable  

Normally it starts playing after 5min to 10 min

Same issue here, but with a twist. My Sonos Move works via bluetooth connected to my HP Zbook mobile workstation, but after switching back to network streaming mode, if I switch back to bluetooth, it won’t work until after a restart. Just like all the other users, the Move indicates it has connected, and all visual indications on the computer indicate a connection. And play/pause will play or pause what’s playing on the PC. It’s all great except for--you know--actually making sound.

I finally got it working on my new Windows 11 machine. I went to Control Panel > Sound and under Playback you see one of the Speakers is "Sonos Move". It was disabled, so I right-clicked on it and clicked "Enable" and it worked! Hope this helps someone!

Ho appena acquistato un MOVE2, collegato in Bluetooth funziona con qualsiasi cosa (telefono, PC, MAC) ma con le due TV di casa ho il solito problema. Lo speaker risulta connesso e posso andare su e giù con il volume ma l’audio non esce. All’inizio pensavo fosse un problema di formato audio della TV ma questo succede solo dall’uscita digitale (Ottica) mentre da BT, il formato audio è solo quello. Ho verificato che il BT sia 5.0 (nel mio caso 5.1). ho chiamato l’assistenza i quali non hanno saputo rispondere. Ho provato una MOVE (prima edizione) e funziona perfettamente collegata in BT su i soliti TV. 

A questo punto credo sia un problema dello speaker, qualche bug che devono risolvere ma a quanto vedo questo problema persiste da molto tempo.

ora provo a fare un altro tentativo e poi se non funziona, chiederò il ritiro e rimborso. 


500Euro per avere un fermacarte!!!

PS. lo speaker di Amazon da 30 Euro si connette alla prima e funziona!!!!


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I just purchased a MOVE2, connected via Bluetooth it works with anything (phone, PC, MAC) but with the two TVs at home I have the usual problem. The speaker is connected and I can go up and down with the volume but the audio does not come out. At first I thought it was a problem with the TV's audio format but this only happens from the digital output (Optical) while from BT, the audio format is only that. I checked that the BT is 5.0 (in my case 5.1). I called support and they couldn't answer. I tried a MOVE (first edition) and it works perfectly connected in BT on the usual TVs.

At this point I think it's a problem with the speaker, some bug that they need to fix but from what I see this problem has persisted for a long time.

Now I'll try to give it another try and then if it doesn't work, I'll ask for a withdrawal and refund.


500 Euros to have a paperweight!!!

PS. the 30 Euro Amazon speaker connects to the first one and works!!!!


I also could not hear any music on either my Sonos Roam or Move, when playing music on my Win11 desktop (using Windows Media Player), after successfully connecting via Bluetooth and selecting the Roam or Move using the speaker output selector (Airpods worked/connected via Bluetooth as expected, no problem).

I read all the blog posts, verified all the Win11 settings, allowed everything luck. Eventually, I realized that my Realtek external speakers were plugged into the speaker jack, and Realtek driver/speaker was hijacking the output. I unplugged the external speakers, and then immediately the Roam (or Move) could play music. Good. 

In the end, I only wasted an hour figuring out that issue (much less time and effort spent than the bloggers above...kudos to you), but glad I finally got it resolved. Otherwise, I was out of ideas.  Hope this helps someone.