Sonos Move and Orbi Mesh problems

  • 1 April 2021
  • 1 reply


I’ve been having problems with my Sonos Move disappearing from my Apps and really bad battery life.  I have an Orbi mesh Wi-Fi system and guessed that the problem might have something to do with the way the 2 systems integrated.  I was running without a wired connection so on the Wi-Fi rather than Sonosnet. I tried adding my Boost back into the system and reverted to Sonosnet and all my problems have disappeared.  Much better battery life and no missing speakers.  I of course rebooted everything to minimise the chance of any conflicts.  Interestingly the Boost is plugged into an Orbi satellite (based on central location) and seems to work fine.  I’ve added the post in the hope that it might help others.  

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1 reply

Thanks for the update. The Move is of course still on your Orbi WiFi, but getting the rest of the system off it must have helped.


If only one Sonos unit is wired, then connecting to a mesh satellite should be fine. The mesh is simply providing an internet connection.

It’s when multiple Sonos units are wired to different mesh nodes that problems can arise.